Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am back

After a few years in the dark lonely world of private blogging I have decided to welcome the world back to my blog. I have hands down been the worst blogger this year and after a good Sunday School lesson given by the wonderful man I call Dad. I have decided to start documenting the life I live. I wanted a fresh start because looking at how horrible I have been this last year is depressing. So out with the bad and in with the good... Onward.

We recently got our family pictures as family of 5 taken by my amazing SIL Madalyn. And if I may toot my own horn and say they are fantastic, I will. They make me smile and realize just how fast time is going and that my babies are becoming kids. I mean for goodness sakes, Addi is about to lose teeth #4 and #5. What the heck?

So here are a few to enjoy...

Man I love this family.

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