Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The holidays have come and gone and can I just say... Thank goodness! Don't get me wrong. I love them, but I am always ready to dechristmas the house and get back to real life by January 1.

We had a lot of fun with family this year and started a few new traditions for our little family. The highlight of this Christmas season was definitely having the Murrays come visit from the far away land of Canada. We kinda like them... a lot.

And now. Pictures...

Addi's school did a Grinch play. She worked hard to memorize her part and got to dress up as a who. Well, kinda.

We always spend Christmas Eve at the Zimmerman's. This year their were a lot of kids. Which made it extra exciting. In the last year we have doubled the amount of grand kids. And they are all really cute :) This was the opening of the goodie bags that Grandma Zimmerman does.

Christmas morning we wrapped the kids in the basement and had them break out to go get their presents. It is a fun tradition from when I was a kid.

This could possibly be the worst picture of these three really adorable kids. But I had to post it because I think it is so funny.

Addi got her Barbie Mermaid and was in heaven.

Dallin got a bat cave. Which essentially is a boy barbie house if you ask me. But he needed it. He was always wanting to play with his action figures in the playschool doll house. So Santa decided he needed the masculine bat cave. And he loves it.

This was Henry's first Christmas and he slept in. He missed most of the excitement in the morning, but came away with more toys to put in his mouth.

On New Years Eve we let the kids get a little crazy and stay up until 8pm!!!

Since it was New Years somewhere we did the countdown and let them bang pots and do sparklers. Papa got into the spirit of the evening too.

The kids got to decorate a sugar cookie before bed. And Lo was loving it so much that she decided to decorate the whole kitchen in sprinkles. Seriously, in a matter of seconds they were everywhere. So Addi took that as a chance to throw them in the air. Then the kids decided the next thing they should do was lick them off the floor. And let me tell you... Gross. That is neither safe nor sanitary.(Name that movie:) But hey they are kids and they do gross things. Good thing they are washable.

After those crazies went to bed we played some mad games of Rummikube. Or however you spell it. And naturally we ate a whole years worth of calories. Then I totally missed the countdown to midnight. I was brushing my teeth because I was ready for bed. So my hubby came in and gave me a hot high five instead of a kiss. We are such party animals. Then it was off to bed and the start to a new year.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I am just going to have to come to terms with this.... I am a monthly blogger. The intentions to blog more are there, but the motivation is lacking. I am who I am and I am way too old to change.

Speaking of old. Let me tell you the story of a girl who still thinks she is 21, but in reality just turned 30. She never thought that turning 30 would make a big impact on her. That was until she went to get her hair done one day and was told by her hairstylist that she had gray hair growing in the back. Now you would think that as a 30 year old she would have taken the news with grace and maturity. Well you would be wrong. Remember she thinks she is 21. So her reaction was to very loudly dispute that announcement and go on to make a scene. I bet she was embarassed. Glad that girl was not me and that this was just a sad story about someone else.

In real life all is well. And in case you are unaware and do not know this for yourself... Parks and Recreation is hilarious. I am gonna go watch it now. Peace.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There has been a lot of change going on around here.
Addi has now lost 5 teeth! What the heck? I did not think that kids lost teeth that quick. Good thing the tooth fairy has decided to add gum and quarters to the food storage stock. Because she sure has been using it.

Henry is now the proud owner of 3 little chicklet teeth in his mouth. And I am guessing and hoping that by the end of the week we will be seeing number 4. He has not bitten me yet and for that I am so thankful. It hurts.

Dallin has neither lost or gotten any new teeth. But he continues to be cute and make the family laugh with his comedic talents. Love that boy.

Zac just turned 34. Yes he is now officially in his mid 30's. Yes that is correct... mid 30's. To be kind I will allow him to say that he is in his early mid 30's, but it is still mid. Am I making my point clear? He is aging and I am not :)

I did my very first Zumba class last night and loved it. I have never felt more uncoordinated in my life, but I am determined to get it. I will learn to shake my groove thing! It was such a fun way to work out and I could definitely feel things shaking that should not be moving. Hopefully this will help tone those areas up :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well the day that has been being discussed for the last year has finally come and gone. Yes, Halloween. And miracle of all miracles... We have not had to discuss what the kids are planning on being next year yet. It is probably because they are too busy asking me every 2 seconds if they can have more candy. Kinda annoying.

It was a great Halloween. Filled with eating mummy hot dogs with Addi at school, trunk or treating at church, visiting grandparents and a quick trip up and down the street.

So the costume line up for this year was.

Adaline was a pink super hero princess or wonder girl depending on the moment. She wanted to be Rapunzel, but saw this costume and loved it more.

Dallin was spider man and boy oh boy, has he worked that costume. We purchased it almost a month ago and he has worn it almost everyday since. I was really surprised that it made it in one piece to Halloween.

And Henry was a pumpkin. All of the kids have worn this same costume on their first Halloween. He was by far my biggest pumpkin. When I put it on him I got a little worried because I am pretty sure that if Halloween were a week further away he would not have fit in it. He was definitely the great pumpkin!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am back

After a few years in the dark lonely world of private blogging I have decided to welcome the world back to my blog. I have hands down been the worst blogger this year and after a good Sunday School lesson given by the wonderful man I call Dad. I have decided to start documenting the life I live. I wanted a fresh start because looking at how horrible I have been this last year is depressing. So out with the bad and in with the good... Onward.

We recently got our family pictures as family of 5 taken by my amazing SIL Madalyn. And if I may toot my own horn and say they are fantastic, I will. They make me smile and realize just how fast time is going and that my babies are becoming kids. I mean for goodness sakes, Addi is about to lose teeth #4 and #5. What the heck?

So here are a few to enjoy...

Man I love this family.