Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There has been a lot of change going on around here.
Addi has now lost 5 teeth! What the heck? I did not think that kids lost teeth that quick. Good thing the tooth fairy has decided to add gum and quarters to the food storage stock. Because she sure has been using it.

Henry is now the proud owner of 3 little chicklet teeth in his mouth. And I am guessing and hoping that by the end of the week we will be seeing number 4. He has not bitten me yet and for that I am so thankful. It hurts.

Dallin has neither lost or gotten any new teeth. But he continues to be cute and make the family laugh with his comedic talents. Love that boy.

Zac just turned 34. Yes he is now officially in his mid 30's. Yes that is correct... mid 30's. To be kind I will allow him to say that he is in his early mid 30's, but it is still mid. Am I making my point clear? He is aging and I am not :)

I did my very first Zumba class last night and loved it. I have never felt more uncoordinated in my life, but I am determined to get it. I will learn to shake my groove thing! It was such a fun way to work out and I could definitely feel things shaking that should not be moving. Hopefully this will help tone those areas up :)


  1. I love that teeth issues are a common enough theme in your house right now that you can write almost an entire post on it. Those pictures of my sweeties are priceless. Henny is getting yummier by the day. and i can't look at dallin without wanting to burst out laughing.
    As far as I am concerned you are 24 and I am 20 and that will never change. And maybe if I get to come home, and carly is still teaching the class, we can zumba together! in my dreams.

  2. I have zumba on my kinnect and it kicks my butt! I'm glad I don't have to do it in front of anyone because I look like I just fell off a boat and am trying not to drown...
    Your kids are growing so much!
    I'll try to make the Dec bunko, but geeze it is clear up north. That would add 1 hour to my already 4 hour drive... We will see! :)

  3. well just like you I have been bad at blogging but I am also back, no new blog but I am back. Henry looks like he has gotten so much bigger since I saw him last. And the kids looked to cute on Halloween. Give them lost of hugs for me, I miss them.