Thursday, December 8, 2011

I am just going to have to come to terms with this.... I am a monthly blogger. The intentions to blog more are there, but the motivation is lacking. I am who I am and I am way too old to change.

Speaking of old. Let me tell you the story of a girl who still thinks she is 21, but in reality just turned 30. She never thought that turning 30 would make a big impact on her. That was until she went to get her hair done one day and was told by her hairstylist that she had gray hair growing in the back. Now you would think that as a 30 year old she would have taken the news with grace and maturity. Well you would be wrong. Remember she thinks she is 21. So her reaction was to very loudly dispute that announcement and go on to make a scene. I bet she was embarassed. Glad that girl was not me and that this was just a sad story about someone else.

In real life all is well. And in case you are unaware and do not know this for yourself... Parks and Recreation is hilarious. I am gonna go watch it now. Peace.


  1. I love Park and Recreation!!!!! and you. but not gray hair. on anyone, unless it's mom, or a grandparent. basically if they are over 45 it is okay. outy.

  2. Hi Traci!!! So glad you "came out" haha and are now an official COlor Issue follower :-) Oh gosh, you and Trish look so much both have that beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. I just adore glad you commented and now I can be at least "bloggy friends" with you! :-)