Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The holidays have come and gone and can I just say... Thank goodness! Don't get me wrong. I love them, but I am always ready to dechristmas the house and get back to real life by January 1.

We had a lot of fun with family this year and started a few new traditions for our little family. The highlight of this Christmas season was definitely having the Murrays come visit from the far away land of Canada. We kinda like them... a lot.

And now. Pictures...

Addi's school did a Grinch play. She worked hard to memorize her part and got to dress up as a who. Well, kinda.

We always spend Christmas Eve at the Zimmerman's. This year their were a lot of kids. Which made it extra exciting. In the last year we have doubled the amount of grand kids. And they are all really cute :) This was the opening of the goodie bags that Grandma Zimmerman does.

Christmas morning we wrapped the kids in the basement and had them break out to go get their presents. It is a fun tradition from when I was a kid.

This could possibly be the worst picture of these three really adorable kids. But I had to post it because I think it is so funny.

Addi got her Barbie Mermaid and was in heaven.

Dallin got a bat cave. Which essentially is a boy barbie house if you ask me. But he needed it. He was always wanting to play with his action figures in the playschool doll house. So Santa decided he needed the masculine bat cave. And he loves it.

This was Henry's first Christmas and he slept in. He missed most of the excitement in the morning, but came away with more toys to put in his mouth.

On New Years Eve we let the kids get a little crazy and stay up until 8pm!!!

Since it was New Years somewhere we did the countdown and let them bang pots and do sparklers. Papa got into the spirit of the evening too.

The kids got to decorate a sugar cookie before bed. And Lo was loving it so much that she decided to decorate the whole kitchen in sprinkles. Seriously, in a matter of seconds they were everywhere. So Addi took that as a chance to throw them in the air. Then the kids decided the next thing they should do was lick them off the floor. And let me tell you... Gross. That is neither safe nor sanitary.(Name that movie:) But hey they are kids and they do gross things. Good thing they are washable.

After those crazies went to bed we played some mad games of Rummikube. Or however you spell it. And naturally we ate a whole years worth of calories. Then I totally missed the countdown to midnight. I was brushing my teeth because I was ready for bed. So my hubby came in and gave me a hot high five instead of a kiss. We are such party animals. Then it was off to bed and the start to a new year.

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  1. I miss you guys so much already. And that photo is truly awful of the 3 of them.
    Also I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am a horrible new years eve-er. I am glad it is genetic.